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All Hallows Catholic High School – Penwortham

On our recent Christmas Enrichment Day we hired dance mats and associated equipment (projector and computer system with music) from MAD Fitness UK Ltd.

We were alerted to the possibility of using the dance mats through word of mouth from other schools / personnel and decided to pursue the activity due to the positive feedback and excellent reputation.

The initial contact was through the director of the company (Bob Marsden) which was both simple and efficient and left me full of confidence regarding the suitability and completion of the activity.

After speaking to Bob I decided that it would be beneficial to pay a little extra for Lynn the personal trainer from MAD Fitness to come in for the full day to take the lead for the activity.

Subsequent feedback from evaluation forms showed that the girls thoroughly enjoyed the session and staff found the day to be easy to run alongside Lynn (who basically led the whole day) and would be keen to repeat the process again.

In conclusion I can wholeheartedly recommend this activity to schools or other similar groups as an entertaining and worthwhile session for groups of young people (and probably adults too!). If given the opportunity to book MAD Fitness for subsequent activities I would not hesitate.

Clive Locke

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