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New term…the 1st Fitness Friday!

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Friday 18th September marks the 1st Fitness Friday of the new term at Flixton Girls School, Manchester.

This is the second year of the Fitness Friday schedual at Flixton which successfully runs on one Friday every month.

The day starts with a breakfast club at 8am where students and teachers can do a run outside or Aerobics in the main hall. After this the Mad Fitness team will teach a year group in every lesson of the day on a number of different activities ranging from Dance to Pilates!

The day finishes with an after school club where Boxing was the most popular activity last year.

All the teachers will wear pink Fitness Friday T-shirts and pupils are allowed to wear P.E kit all day.

We start this term by devoting this first Fitness Friday completely to the new Year 7 pupils, this welcomes them into the excellent sports/activites offering at Flixton and sets them on their journey to a lifelong activity!

We can’t wait to get started….see you tomorrow!

MAD FITNESS UK #empoweringageneration

Lynn Wilson


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