FAN Day Themes

The FAN Programme is an innovative series of group exercise sessions based around different fitness activities that are challenging, educational and fun. Each session also incorporates a nutrition theme so that pupils are getting an insight into both Fitness and Nutrition – both essential to the lifelong, healthy lifestyle journey.

The table below shows our current Fitness Activity and Nutrition theme options:

Mix & Match

Any of the Fitness Activity options can be matched up with any of the Nutrition Theme options, giving you a flexible approach to each session.

Each Session Consists Of

• Warm up – Aerobic warm up and stretch

• Pre-Nutritional education – Introduction of the days topic using PowerPoint/talk

• Main body – Full fitness activity

• Post-Nutritional education – Activity showing the reality of nutrition e.g. matching bags of sugar to drinks

• Warm down

• Questions and answers

The impact and benefits are wide ranging: